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How often does Fabulously Optimized receive updates?

That depends on my time, Mojang releases, CurseForge support (when versions appear in launcher), mod updates, mod additions... there are a lot of factors. I do try to push out a release as soon as possible when Minecraft or some of the more important mods update though.

How do the modpack versions work?

  • X.Y.Z stands for major versions which directly map to Minecraft's 1.Y.Z (1.16 was 1, 1.17 was 2 etc)

  • X.Y.Z stands for minor versions which may map to Minecraft's 1.Y.Z or just refer to bigger changes like added mods

  • X.Y.Z stands for patch versions - no breaking changes, no mod additions/removals

What versions do you support?

I support the latest stable modpack version and latest development modpack version (if any), other versions are listed just for your convenience. To make it even simpler, I usually keep only one modpack version per Minecraft version visible on CurseForge.

Will you support Minecraft snapshots?

No, they are not supported on CurseForge Launcher and are released too fast for me and the modders to keep up with.

What if I want to play on an older Minecraft version?

See the CurseForge page for the existing stable versions down to 1.16.1. Versions with a warning triangle ⚠️ are not safe for multiplayer and are kept just for archival purposes.

If you need to play in a server that uses a version not supported by the modpack, your best bet is installing the latest version of FO and adding ViaFabric to your modpack profile (instructions are here). I recommend keeping the mod enabled only while playing the server where you need it.

Will you backport newer modpack changes to older versions?

Occasionally yes. Cases may include:

  • a major breakage

  • after introducing a new major stable release

  • major updates to most important mods (e.g. Sodium, Lithium, Phosphor)

This is done to help you while you transition to the new version, old Minecraft versions are still unsupported and will not receive full parity.

Other platforms

Will you make a Forge modpack?

No. Forge is slower to update and run and it doesn't have the same capabilities for optimization as Fabric.

Can I use Forge mods in this modpack?

No, but there are many equivalents anyway. There is also work going on to make Forge mods work on Fabric though, if you're a developer you can check it out.

Will you make a Quilt modpack?

Too early to tell, that likely depends on how many Fabric modders will start using that exclusively. See issue #257.

Can I use Quilt mods in this modpack?

"Probably not. Quilt mods will eventually have their own metadata format which will likely not be compatible with Fabric." Source


Will you ever support Minecraft Launcher (vanilla) properly?

Yes, this is planned as soon as Packwiz adds support for it!

How does the auto-updating MultiMC pack work?

See this page.

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